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Omnium’s roots in Dubai were first established in 1977, at the very start of the Emirate’s expansion into a leading world destination. Central to the development of the region was its industrial processing and power generation, providing strong foundations for what proved to be exponential future growth. Our senior management’s relationships with many key clients started during our work on the Dubai Aluminium Smelter plant in Jebel Ali, gaining knowledge and skills which continue to flow through our business.

For any region, industrial and processing infrastructure is required to sustainably support a growing population. Omnium’s understanding of, and many years’ of experience in, the sector helps clients to shape future cities.

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Year DUBAL produced its first aluminium

Dubai Aluminium has been producing aluminium and desalinated water in the Emirate for over 35 years


Square kilometre site

DUBAL was constructed on desert and salt flat land near Jebel Ali and houses its own labour force onsite


Omnium Directors

Four Main Board Directors have started their Omnium careers and long-lasting client relationships at DUBAL

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Dubai Aluminium

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

DUBAL is one of the world’s largest single-site aluminium smelters. First proposed in 1975 and...

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Our Experts: Process and Industrial

Peter J Westeng, BSc. MRICS

Peter Westeng, BSc. MRICS
Chairman & CFO, Omnium International Ltd

With expertise spanning sectors as diverse as transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, commercial and residential, Peter has worked internationally for over 30 years delivering leading pre and post contract quantity surveying services on projects of major national and international significance.