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Sustainability at Omnium

As the focus on corporate sustainability has grown exponentially worldwide, so has Omnium’s commitment to sustainability both within our business, in delivery of our services and in our knowledge and understanding of sustainable building practices.

We recognise the importance of organisations such as ours, particularly those in the construction industry, in taking a lead in reducing our carbon footprint and developing a business and buildings which look ahead to a ‘net zero’ future.

Continually revisiting and improving our working methods, by investing in new digital technologies our offices operate more efficiently, with remote working making for a transformational difference in the reduction of travel whilst maintaining the high levels of client service Omnium is renowned for.

Investment in skills ensures that our people have successfully delivered sustainability-led projects, benefiting from exceptional understanding of LEED, green buildings, and our clients’ own expectations and vision for future-focused, sustainable developments which encourage net-zero communities for working, living and leisure.

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